Integrative Design Research for Innovation

Based on long-term trend research in more than nine areas (such as aging, leisure travel, financial services, retail, healthcare, and future living ), we help organizations integrate market/user research and apply advanced technology in the pursuit of innovation. We use visualization and facilitation to promote organizational co-creation, and we build “future innovation and development blueprints” as the basis for management decision-making.

2020 Future Living Experience Design Research on Next Design for Aging Society How to Age with Good Design? Future Retail Store/Future Travel Experience Design Toolkit Innovation Design Workshop for Corporates.

Patent / Technology Commercialization and R&D Distribution Consultant

Based on front-end “design research” and by deconstructing technical features and functions through “visualization,” we help guide and explore the hidden value of existing patents/technologies, construct new market positioning and application scenarios, design products and services, and plan future mass-production and marketing. We also assist organizations in formulating future R&D distribution by identifying best scenarios, market trends, and patent searches, and clarifying opportunities and for R&D investment.

Innovative Application of Coating Technology LED Facial Masks Medicinal Tattoo Stickers LOBSANG Stair-lift Water911 Water Rescue Motorboat Dementia Future Care Support System Future Smart Home Innovation Distribution Skincare Industry Innovation

Brand Experience and New Business Model Design

To empower you be your own “producer” of innovative business models, we developed “Dechnology Innovation Model and Tools” to systematically define experiences/value gaps and conduct comprehensive brand diagnostics. We boost competitive and unique advantages by offering new businesses strategies and one-stop services including technical integration, system development, product/service design, personnel training, space/site design, and legal patent consulting.

New Insurance Service Design for Retirement Market Future Hotel and Experience Design for 50⁺ Generation Real Estate Technology 3.0

Co-development of New 50⁺ Aging Products / Services

Facing the global trend of longevity, we can live better elderly lives only by maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. Therefore, in recent years, based on the idea of “design as investment,” DreamVok has jointly designed and developed the next generation of new 50⁺ products and services. Moreover, we accelerate the verification and practice of innovation by linking top domestic/international brands and living labs.

“Shh… our products are still being developed!"