Innovative Application of Coating Technology

Project|Innovative Application of Coating Technology
Category|Patent / Technology Commercialization and R&D Distribution Consultant
Clients|ITRI Material and Chemical Research Laboratories

“Super-hydrophilic treatment for durable anti-fogging coating technology” (hereafter coating technology), which was invented by the R&D team of the Material and Chemical Research Laboratories in ITRI, is a nano-material antifogging coating agent that can be applied on glass and mirror surfaces. The original application was aimed at the automotive beauty industry. However, there are many products (e.g. sprays) that have the same functions, and the market struggled to recognize the value of the coating technology. Thus, ITRI is working towards discovering new applications and re-defining the novel value for the coating technology.

We applied “technology value innovation canvas,” a tool invented by the Dechnology team, in this project. The tool was designed to facilitate the co-creation of a multi-disciplinary team (i.e., R&D team and Design team) so that the values of the coating technology could be interpreted from different perspectives. Then, we illustrated the value of the coating technology through visualization, and systematically collected the trends from the different fields (i.e., transportation, living, indoor planting). The visualized material and trends were used to co-create with stakeholders from different areas in order to dig out the possible scenarios for commercialization. In this project, we not only helped the R&D team plan their business strategies for the next 3–5 years, but also found new industry partners and clients.


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