Medical Tattoo Stickers

Project|Medical Tattoo Stickers
Category|Patent / Technology Commercialization and R&D Distribution Consultant
Clients|Development Center for Biotechnology / ITRI

In the traditional medicinal patches markets, most of manufacturers focus on the effectiveness of analgesics and antipyretics, and often overlook the importance of users’ emotional needs. This often results in poor experience during the use phase (such as attaching unattractive patches on the skin while swimming). Furthermore, the development of traditional patches sometimes neglects needs of users with allergic skin (i.e., children and adolescents). Thus, users who find allergic reactions often refuse to use again after using the patches.

The “multi-layer coating technology”, which originated from the Development Center for Biotechnology, is a technology that can not only extract the anti-inflammatory ingredients of herbs, but also lock their essences in tiny molecules. This allows the medicinal patches to slowly release over time. Aiming at uncovering the potential commercialization opportunities for this technology, we gathered designers and an R&D team, facilitating the co-creation process. After the co-creation, we conceived the idea of combining tiny molecules containing anti-inflammatory ingredients with tattoo stickers, which can generate added-value to the medicinal patches. This tattoo sticker resolves the shortcomings of traditional patches – not only can it ease inflammation without allergic reactions, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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