2020 Future Living Experience Design

Project|2020 Future Living Experience Design
Category|Integrative design research required for innovation
Clients|ITRI Commercialization and Industry Service Center

As society evolves, people’s lifestyles, behaviors, and preferences also change, which in turn affects market direction and drives economic trends. In view of this, DreamVok and the ITRI Dechnology team conducted the 2020 life-style trend analysis and user behavior research to enable Taiwanese enterprises accurately predict and analyze future opportunities for innovation.


We focused on four future life scenarios: “Living,” “Travel,” “Learning,” and “Health Care.” We presented key reports on trend analysis and the direction of innovation. Finally, we explored unmet user needs in real life and people's expectations of future.


Based on secondary data research, we analyzed Taiwan and global cases of technology, design, and new business models in order to predict future market trends. In addition we worked with multidisciplinary experts during co-creation design workshops to discuss various issues including future service or product entry points, persona, user needs, and innovation opportunities. On that basis developed the four crucial types of life scenario roadmaps and presented them through visual infographics.


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