Future Retailing & Traveling Experience Design Toolkit

Project|Future Retailing & Traveling Experience Design Toolkit
Category|Integrative design research required for innovation
Clients|ITRI Commercialization and Industry Service Center

Nowadays companies’ cross-department collaboration (as well as with external units), relies heavily on languages and interfaces that everyone can understand to make communication more efficient. In response to the changes in consumer behavior and technological applications, industries also need to deal with complex cooperative relationships and be able to provide innovative designs and integrate interdisciplinary resources.

Thus, based on our knowledge accumulated from past research and design projects, we focused on two major future living themes, “retail” and “tourism,” and dissected the research process and innovative solution development to come up with an Experience Design Toolkit. We generated the user profiles, design cases, trends, and new technology applications and transposed them into easy-to-understand infographics in order to stimulate co-creation and brainstorming.

The design process is presented as board games, including several service design tools (such as customer journey maps, persona), so that members from different backgrounds can exchange ideas more efficiently. This product is now widely used among our customers in the hospitality, financial, and media industries.


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