Real Estate Technology 3.0

Project|Real Estate Technology 3.0
Category|Brand Experiences and New Business Model Design
Clients|Yung-Ching Realty Group
Year|2012 - 2014

Since 2012, Yung-Ching Realty Group has been working with our team to develop a new-generation real estate consultancy service model to enhance service quality and efficiency. During the R&D process of real estate service innovation, we helped to spark new markets and technology ideas by various theme-based interviews with various types of customers. Moreover, by collecting cross-cutting benchmark cases and discerning technological trends, we not only identified that “precision matching” was the core need of consumers but also designed the follow-up “Real Estate Technology 3.0” innovation service model.


Unlike the past, where a lot of printed information needed to be carried around and information on diverse customer needs was lacking, “Real Estate Technology 3.0” has integrated technology tools and cloud systems so that agents can serve customers anytime and anywhere through smart phones/devices. Finally, the new system not only helps customers accurately find ideal property, but also improved service efficiency (saving 20% of time spent surveying houses, improving user-experience and re-use intention).


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