Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order to allow you to use The DreamVok website’s (hereinafter referred to as the website) services and information, we hereby explain the site’s Privacy Policies to protect your interests. Please read the following:

1. The collection, processing, and use of personal data

  • When you visit the website or use the services provided by the website, we will collect your personal information according to service function, and process and use your personal information within the specific purpose of the nature of the service function.
  • The website will retain your name, email address, contact information and use time when you use the interactive features such as service mailboxes.
  • In general browsing, the server will record related actions, including your connection device IP address, use time, type of browser, and browse and click on records, as reference for us to enhance website services.
  • We may conduct surveys and analyze the results. The analysis results will be displayed as statistical data or explanatory text. In addition to internal research, we will publish the statistics and explanatory text as necessary, not including personal information.

2. Information protection

This website is equipped with information security equipment and the necessary safety precautions to protect the website and your personal information. Only authorized personnel have access to your personal information and the relevant staff or entrusted units have the obligation of confidentiality. Although we have taken various protective measures, it does not mean that we guarantee that such information can not be obtained, disclosed, altered or destroyed by unauthorized third parties.

3. External links related to the site

The pages of this website may include web links for other websites. You can also click on the links provided by this website to visit other websites. However, this website cannot guarantee the contents and the use of personal information by the linked sites. The privacy policy of this website does not apply to the linked sites and you must view the privacy policies of the linked sites.

4. The disclosure of personal information

This website will not share, lend, or sell your personal information to any other person or non-affiliated enterprise, except for circumstances required by law. Including but not limited to: protecting the rights of you or other users; based on the requirements of public authorities or academic institutions; for investigation or legal proceedings; and for safeguarding the information security of the website.

5. The use of Cookies

We use cookies to control user visits and obtain information to enhance the quality of our services.
You can also set your browser to block cookie collection, but some features of the site may not function properly.

6. Merger or transfer

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information to other companies if we merge or transfer, and the company taking over will continue to comply with this Privacy Policy.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Policie

This website has the right to amend this policy at any time, and the updated policy will be announced on the website.