Future Smart Home Innovation Distribution

Project|Future Smart Home Innovation Distribution
Category|Patent / Technology Commercialization and R&D Distribution Consultant
Clients|ITRI Information and Communications Research Laboratories

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, put forward the concept of Smart Home in his book Embrace the Future. He believed that the Internet and sensing technologies will renew daily life. In recent years, cloud computing and IOT technology not only confirmed Bill Gates’s predictions, but also have extended application areas even more broadly than was envisioned.

Thus, in order to identify the blue ocean market for smart homes, the ITRI R&D team explored innovative opportunities with new technologies, such as “Cloud Smart Video Time-lapse Technology” and “Oral Interactive Application Service Technology”. By using the Dechnology methodological approach, we systematically studied the trend of related business development and the needs of different family lifestyles. Then, we interpreted the spec of their technologies into different meanings that may be valuable for home applications. We then invited different stakeholders, such as directors of the nutrition department in hospitals, home appliance operators, care system vendors, family members, and interior designers to participate in co-creation workshops. We systematically guided the experts to share their experiences and ideas to dig out the applications with the greatest potential, and finally concluded by proposing the three services: “smart nutrition management and ingredient management service,” “traditional building furniture smart moving model,” and “smart storage system.”


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